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Exceptional and gifted cleric Timi withdraws from society after tragedy claims his family. He feels that life has no meaning left for him until years later, when aspiring priest Elijah enters his life.


It can be difficult to open up again when injustice claims the lives of the people you love and the things you depended on desert you. In the novel Breath of Life, a man who has experienced this is deceived by both God and the colonial powers that once appreciated his gifts. However, after his hired househelp arrives in his life, he discovers a new purpose. The acting is excellent, but the decision to only speak in English feels disarming, some of the subsequent events take cliched turns, and the solutions seem at odds with the intended meaning. Although Breath of Life makes an intriguing argument, the themes don't quite work together as well as they could.


It's unexpected that Breath of Life, Prime Video's debut project with Nigerian film studio Nemsia Films, is centered around faith and was undoubtedly made with conversion in mind. Having said that, the movie does more than just leave a message hanging. There's something fascinating in Timi Johnson's ability to rise to every standard set by the British colonial authorities and the West, up until the point when he defies their demands in order to pursue justice. The movie appropriately recognizes this and how the injustice is still being carried out, but it overreaches in its melodramatic treatment of each of the necessary fixes. It might have been an insightful reflection on faith in response to justice, while it's undoubtedly a novel one, however Breath of Life falls short in terms of implementation.

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A thought provoking and emotionally touching movie.


Great movie.

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