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End the Apartheid. Respect Africa! Adeshina condemns travel ban on Africa over Omicron Variant.

President of African Development Bank (AfDB), Akinwunmi Adesina, has called on countries of the world to end discrimination, end apartheid and respect Africa.

Adesina, who spoke via his verified twitter handle @akin_adesina, urged the western countries to lift the travel ban on the African countries.

He also queried why the travel ban was not placed on non-African countries where Omicron had also been found, he condemned the ban travel on Africa.

The AfDB President said: “Why single out African countries, singling out African countries is very unfair, non-scientific, and discriminatory.

“Global vaccines and travel apartheid against Africa are endangering lives, hurting economies, lives, jobs, and livelihoods from a pandemic Africa did not cause.

”END the apartheid. Respect Africa,” Adesina said.

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