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President Buhari arrived Paris for Paris peace forum organized by President Emmanuel Macron.

The Paris Peace Forum (PPF), of which the European Commission is a Strategic Partner, will hold its fourth edition on November 11th-13th, 2021.

The PPF’s aim is to place global governance at the top of the international agenda. Different stakeholders discuss global governance issues and cooperate on solutions through three main spaces: Space for Solutions, Space for Debates and Space for Innovations.

The Space for Solutions is mostly to present solutions for incremental change. Each year, governance projects proposing concrete solutions to global challenges are invited to the Forum’s Space for Solutions and contribute to debates (with concrete projects). The solutions highlighted at the Forum have to be beyond the conception stageand stand out by their international and cooperative dimension, and their capacity to create sustainable change in global governance.

The Call for Projects for this year has just been launched and it will run until May 9th, with a maximum of 80 projects expected to be selected. This year, the Call focuses on the following main areas, which are also core for the fourth session of the Forum.

This Call for Projects is open to all governance actors: states, international bodies, local governments, non-governmental organizations, companies, foundations, development agencies, religious groups, associations, think-tanks, universities, etc.

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